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Hamilton monument, Hudson River and NYC in the distance, Weehawken, NJ

Hamilton monument, Hudson River and NYC.jpg
Sepia toned postcard of the Hamilton Monument looking northeast towards the Hudson River and the westside of Manhattan, 20th century. An inset of the plaque that was attached to the boulder is pictured in the upper left hand corner.

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Boulevard East from Hamilton Avenue, Weehawken, NJ

Boulevard East from Hamilton Avenue, Weehawken, NJ.jpg
Black and white unused postcard, looking from Hamilton Avenue towards the northwest and Boulevard East.

Publisher: Spear's Views, Weehawken, N.J.

Representatives John J. Eagan and C. A. McGlennon in Washington, DC.

Reps J. J. Eagan and C.A. McGlennon  photo - 1920 Washington DC.jpeg
A photograph of Representatives John J. Eagan and C.A. McGlennon, taken on February 7,1920 in Washington, DC., with two unidentified women.

John J. Eagan Stationery - US House of Representatives

John J. Eagan Stationery from House of Reps.jpg
Official stationery of John J. Eagan, US House of Representatives stationery, with Weehawken home address

Eagan Business Schools Brochures

Eagan Business Schools brochures.jpg
Three brochures of the Eagan School of Business, which was founded by John J. Eagan in 1893 in a single school room in Hoboken. The first brochure is from 1906, the second is from 1937 and third is the Night School brochure, undated. Graduation…


Memoir of Living at Hauxhurst in the 1870s

EDL Memoir - Helene Anderson.pdf
A memoir written in 1945 by a granddaughter of Denning Duer, Eleanor Duer Larocque, of her years spent in Weehawken in the 1870s and 1880s. Grandfather Duer was the owner of Hauxhurst mansion which was built by his father-in-law James Gore King for…

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I Knew Them When - The Astaires

Vogue article - Astaires 1945.jpg
A remembrance of Adele and Fred Astaire, written by Franny Bradshaw, which appeared in the December 1945 edition of Vogue. Fanny was their neighbor and attended school with them in Weehawken. She is pictured in a 1910 photograph of Miss…

Matchbook - Rendez View Restaurant

Advertising matchbook from the Rendez View Restaurant and Cocktail Lounge, located at the intersection of Boulevard East and Pershing Road (today's Charrito's Restaurant)

Election card - John J. Eagan - Tax Collector - 1947

Election handbillContinue Economic, Efficient and Progressive Government In WeehawkenBY RE-ELECTING THEDEMOCRATICCANDIDATEJOHN J. EAGANFOR COLLECTOR OF TAXESON ELECTION DAYNOVEMBER 4, 1947

Commemorative Cover - USS Weehawken YTB-776

Commemorative envelope with a design honoring the US Navy sea going tug USS Weehawken (YTB-776), postmarked August 15, 1985 from Agana, Guam and sent to Quebec Canada.