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Grant Wright's Weehawken Sketches - 1933
Sketches of Weehawken in 1933, by artist Grant Wright.

A Few Sketches of Weehawken - 1933
Sketchbook of artist, Grant Wright, dated 1933.

A Few Sketches of Weehawken - 1926
Sketchbook of Weehawken by artist, Grant Wright, dated 1926. This is the earliest sketchbook in the Commission's collection.

A Few Sketches of Weehawken - 1934
Weehawken Sketches by artist, Grant Wright, dated 1934.

Untitled Sketchbook - Grant Wright - 1934
Sketchbook by artist Grant Wright, dated 1934.

Sketchbook - For the Collection of Edward J. Kirk - Grant Wright - 1934
Sketchbook by artist, Grant Wright, made for his friend and historical colleague, Lt. Edward Kirk.

East Wind Over Weehawken - Edward Hopper
Painting of houses on Boulevard East (at 49th Street) by Edward Hopper (1882-1967). Oil on canvas and 34 x 50 inches, painted in 1934. The painting was held in the collection of the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in the United States from 1954…

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John Marin - Weehawken Sequence Number 30
Artist John Marin painted a series of abstract representations of the Weehawken waterfront in 1903-1904. These oil on board paintings made up his Weehawken Sequence and were based on views from around his grandparents' Weehawken home. Thanks to…

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Winter in Weehawken
Winter in Weehawken, painted by Henry Reuterdahl, who bought Karl Bitter's home and studio after Bitter died. The painting was awarded the Silver Medal in the Panama Pacific International Exposition of 1915. From the collection of the University of…

THE ART OF GRANT WRIGHT- A Short Film by Mike Boldt
Video of some of Grant Wright's sketches of Weehawken from the 1930s