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Lithograph - Weehawken Ferry - Fermin Rocker

Lithograph of commuters exiting the Weehawken Ferryboat Catskill on foot and in their cars signed by artist Fermin Rocker.We do not have a date for this, but the clothes and cars look like they would date to the late 1940s or 1950s.

Note from Mrs Karl Bitter regarding a fireplace grate

whc202005004 - 1.jpeg
Undated handwritten note from Mrs. Karl Bitter to H.D. Morehouse of Utica, NY regarding the purchase of a grate for a wood burning stove. On stationery of The Studio of Karl Bitter.

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Karl Bitter's Studio, Eldorado Weehawken, NJ
Unposted color postcard of sculptor Karl Bitter's home and studio atop the Palisades. Far left is the bandstand from Eldorado Amusement Park which was moved to the back of the Meister home (not seen) and cantilevered over the edge of the cliff.…

Photographs of Henry Reuterdahl
Black and white photograph of artist Henry Reuterdahl and photograph of him in his studio. Born in Sweden in 1870, Reuterdahl died in 1925 in Washington, DC and is buried at Arlington Cemetery.

He was a Lieutenant in the US Navy and is best known…


Karl Bitter in his Studio
This black and white photo, sent in by Lauren Sherman, shows famed sculptor Karl Bitter (on the stairs) surrounded by some of his works in his Weehawken studio, which was located in what was the Rheinish Castle at Eldorado. The building was on the…