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Boulevard East Circa 1939
Black and white photo, circa 1939, looking northwest at houses between Hudson and Eldorado Place on Boulevard East.

Strolling Boulevard East
Black and white photograph, circa 1910, looking east from the west side of Boulevard East, between Clifton and Columbia Terraces, before there were buildings there. The cut in the wall was the terminus of the Clifton stairs (actually closer to…

Hudson Boulevard Loop at Highwood Park, NJ
Black and white photo postcard showing the Boulevard East loop, just south of Duer Place. Postmarked April 6, 1909 from Weehawken. Published by John C. Voigt Postcard Co,, Jersey City, NJ Printed in Germany

New York
The caption on this colored post card may say New York, but, this 1982 view was taken from Weehawken (misspelled Weehawkin for added insult). Taken from Hamilton Park, prior to the renovations in 1993. Postmarked August 12, 1982 from Patterson, NJ