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Matchbook - Rendez View Restaurant

Advertising matchbook from the Rendez View Restaurant and Cocktail Lounge, located at the intersection of Boulevard East and Pershing Road (today's Charrito's Restaurant)

Hudson Boulevard Loop, Weehawken, NJ
Color postcard of Boulevard East looking west, just east of King Avenue. A horse and buggy with occupants is making its way to the corner from King Avenue. The road appears to be unpaved. Note the awnings on the south facing homes along the…

Photo of the waterfront from Boulevard East and Pershing Road
Undated photograph showing the Weehawken waterfront while it was still an active railroad and river transportation nexus. A trolley can be seen at the lower left of the image.Based on the cars seen in the image, it appears to be from the 1930s, but…

6th Street from Boulevard, Clifton Park, NJ
Black and white postcard of 6th Street (today's 50th Street) looking west. At right is what was the country home of Henry G. Schmidt or "Champagne Schmidt" as he was called. Schmidt was a wine merchant and importer of the first Veuve Cliquot…

Boulevard and loop, Weehawken NJ
Colored postcard of Boulevard East loop, looking north towards the Meister mansion and Karl Bitter studio on the east side of Boulevard East. Postcard mailed from Weehawken and dated November 18, 1912. Postcard published by the Union News Company,…

Boulevard East looking south
Black and white 1926 photograph of Boulevard East, looking south. The Meister house is seen on the east side of the Boulevard. The image was taken by Charles Schneider.

Hamilton Park circa 1930
Black and white photograph of newly designed and built Hamilton Park, circa 1930. Standing at top of steps at left are Mayor Emil Grauert (at right holding cigar) and Township Clerk Leo Carroll.

Karl Bitter's home and studio in 1916
Black and white photograph dated 1916 showing sculptor Karl Bitter's home and studio perched atop the Palisades at the site of today's Hamilton Plaza. The Grauert stairs (built in 1915) lead from Boulevard east down to the West Shore Ferry Terminal.…

Building Boulevard East in 1896
This photograph from the collection of the Weehawken Historical Commission is labeled as follows: Building Boulevard Loop Cut to Lower Weehawken Boulevard and below Highwood Terrace 1896 Edw. T. Kirk Collection

Boulevard & Loop, Weehawken NJ
Colored photo postcard view looking north to Boulevard East from Hamilton Avenue. At right is the Meister mansion, on the left houses along the west side of the Boulevard. Postmarked August 4, 1916 from New York NY. Charles A. Daly, Union Hill, NJ.…