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Weehawken Soldiers and Sailors Monument
Colored postcard (circa 1997) of a painting by Weehawken by one time resident, artist Hugo Bastidas, of the Soldiers and Sailors Monument on Boulevard East.

View of Highwood Park New Jersey
Black and white postcard photo looking north from Hamilton Avenue to Boulevard East. Meister home on right side. Postmarked September 13, 1907 from Hoboken.

The Valley, Weehawken, N.J.
Colored photo postcard showing Boulevard in what used to be called "The Valley" before the Lincoln Tunnel. Published by Chas. A Daly, Union Hill, NJ

The Palisades on the Hudson Near Weehawken, NJ
Colored photo postcard with of the river and cliffs with a very large steamship in the background.

The Boulevard Loop, Weehawken, NJ
Colored photo postcard of Hudson Boulevard, now Boulevard East. Postmarked December 5, 1912 from Weehawken.

The Boulevard Loop Circa 1939
Black and white photo taken in 1939, looking west down Boulevard East, at the intersection of Hamilton Avenue. From the collection of the Weehawken Historical Commission.

Studio and Residence of Karl Bitter - Highwood Park, Weehawken, N.J.
Black and white photo postcard of the home and studio of sculptor Karl Bitter on the east side of Boulevard East, part of today's Hamilton Park.

Postcard of an unidentified house - 1911
This is a sepia toned photo postcard of an unidentified house, postmarked September 29, 1911 from Weehawken. According to Joel Simon, "the card was sent from Sophie H. Armbruster to another lady who lived on King Avenue. The only reference I have to…

Pier K from Hamilton Avenue
Black and white photograph of Pier K and its distinctive water tower, taken from Hamilton Avenue, The pier, part of the NYCRR system was located between the banana pier and Union Dry Dock, servicing trains, trucks, barges, ships. It burned in a fire…

Photo of the waterfront from Boulevard East and Pershing Road
Undated photograph showing the Weehawken waterfront while it was still an active railroad and river transportation nexus. A trolley can be seen at the lower left of the image.Based on the cars seen in the image, it appears to be from the 1930s, but…