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Matchbook - Robert Reiner Inc.

Promotional matchbook from Robert Reiner Inc., manufacturer of textile machines and accessories (founded 1903), located at 550/64 Gregory Avenue. The matchbook states "It pays to consult us first on your problems and requirements" and has a handy…

Matchbook - Christy's Bar

Promotional matchbook from Christy's Bar, located at 40 Hackensack Avenue in Weehawken.

Correspondence with New York, Ontario and Western Railway - 1915

Letter and reply regarding a damaged shipment and associated payment from the NYO&W railroad headquartered in Weehawken.

Box of Boneset Herb from S.B. Penick & Co

Box of herbal medicine from Weehawken firm S.B. Penick & Company.

Catalog and Price Sheet for Theatrical Items - Leroy Carpenter

whc202005005 - 1.jpeg
Undated two page typewritten price sheet for a variety of costumes and theatrical items for sale by Leroy Carpenter of 10 Eldorado Place.

IOU drawn on the Weehawken Trust and Title Company in 1928

whc202005002 - 1.jpeg
IOU from the Weehawken Title and Trust Company for $150 to Herman Buckholz and Wife, promising to pay 6% interest after six months.

Envelope - Baudish and Reipen Mfg Co.
Stamped, cancelled envelope from the Baudish & Reipen Manufacturing Company - Manufacturers, Importers and Wholesale Dealers in Par Excellence Art Novelties.Printed matter sent from Box 142, Weehawken to Frankfurt, Germany - March 31, 1903 NYC…

Two photographs of Van Clief's Hotel
Two black and white photographs of Van Clief's Hotel, at the intersection of Boulevard East, Pershing Road and 47th Street. Note the trolley heading down Pershing to the West Shore Ferry Terminal and Clifton Hose Co. #3, located in what is now Old…

1895 Sales Flyer for Eldorado Lots
Advertisement for the "closing out sale" of "101 choice lots in Highwood Park adjoining Eldorado Station, Weehawken Heights, N.J." The sale was to be held on Sunday, June 15th, 1895 at the site and was conducted by James L. Wells, auctioneer of 59…