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Weehawken Town Council Minutes - May 1907 through July 1908

Town council meeting minutes for May 1907 through July 1908


Weehawken Town Council Minutes for 1915 and 1916

Official minutes of the Town Council for the years 1915 and 1916


1954 Petition Regarding WPD Salaries

WPD-1954-001 - 1.jpeg
A petition requesting pay raises for Weehawken Police Department personnel for the year 1955.

World War II NJ State Police Instructional Teletype - Limitations on radio ownership by 'enemy aliens'

WPD-1942-001 - 1.jpeg
A teletype message from the NJ State Police in the files of the Weehawken Police Department from 1942 providing instructions as to the limitations placed on 'enemy aliens' of German, Italian, and Japanese origin regarding ownership of radio…

Weehawken Police Department General Order Book for 1941

WPD-1941-001-Order Book-compressed.pdf
Book containing department wide orders of a general nature for the year 1941 for the Weehawken Police Department. This document provides interesting insight into the Town's preparation for World War II as well as the reaction of its police…

Republican Broadside - Weehawken Record, 1933

WHKN Record - 1933 pg 1.pdf
A political broadside, called the Weehawken Record, was published by the Second Ward Republican Campaign Committee in 1933, urging Second Ward citizens to vote for Arthur Abrahamsen to the Township Committee and to replace the "corrupt" Democratic…

Township Council circa 1930
Black and white photograph of Weehawken Township Council circa 1930. Mayor Grauert (with beard and cigar) is seated at center.

History of the Weehawken Police Department - 1928
Sketches and drawings related to the Weehawken Police Department in 1928, drawn by artist Grant Wright, with contributions of Police Lieutenant Edward Kirk.

Newspaper Clipping - Will Approve Tunnel Plan
Newspaper clipping hand dated 10/21/34 from an unidentified newspaper describing the pending approval of the plans for the tunnel between Weehawken and midtown Manhattan. Includes 2 illustrations. This item is in the collection of the Weehawken…

Newspaper Clipping - Weehawken Gets New Tunnel Plan
Article from the New York Times of Sunday, October 21, 1934 describing the 148th proposal offered by the Port Board for the layout of the Lincoln Tunnel and approaches. This item is in the collection of the Weehawken Historical Commission.