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1869 Attempt to Consolidate Weehawken into Jersey City
This document was an (unsuccessful) bill aimed at enlarging Jersey City with the addition of a number of North Hudson communities into JC.


1940s Weehawken Mug Shots
A collection of Weehawken Police Department mug shots from the 1940s. We don't have any information on who these people were or what they were accused of doing.

1953 Political Handbill - Lester Cosgrove
This handbill for Democratic candidate Lester F. Cosgrove promises "Business-like, Effective and Progressive Government" if he is elected Third Ward Committeeman. Image provided by Dennis Cosgrove.


Alien Identification Card - Theresa Foy
Alien Identification Card issued by the Department of Justice on June 29th, 1918 to Theresa Foy of 474 Gregory Avenue. Cards such as these were issued to aliens during WW I. This card specifies that Foy, a housewife, cannot go within 100 yards of any…

Annual Report of the National Board of Health - 1879
This extract from an 1879 book called Annual Report of the National Board of Health (pages 169 - 214) contains all sorts of information about the lives, health and demises of North Hudson residents in the late 1870s. This section is entitled…


Babe Ruth Comes to Weehawken
On May 5th, 1928, famed baseball player Babe Ruth made an unscheduled stop in Weehawken when he was pulled over by police for speeding. A court date was set for May 21st, and as word spread around town that the Bambino was to appear before a…

Badge - Weehawken Civil Defense Fire Department
Silver badge reading 'Auxiliary Fire Department - Weehawken N.J.' with an enameled Civil Defense emblem. This badge was donated to the Weehawken Historical Commission by its owner, who was a member of the department in the 1950s. The back of the…

Bill Creating the Township of Weehawken
This document describes in great detail (through property owners, exact measurements reference to early maps) the boundaries of the to be created Township of Weehawkin (Weehawken), which included the Stevens Estate portion of Hoboken. The bill was…


Bond Coupon - December 1, 1965 - $15.00
This is a coupon from a bond issued by Weehawken Township and payable on December 1, 1965 in the amount of $15.00. The original bond was issued on December 1, 1960.


Book - The Educational Service of the Public Schools of Weehawken, NJ
This is a complete scan of a 90 page book of texts and photographs, published by the Weehawken Board of Education in 1930.