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Photograph of Highwood - 1890

Highwood photo rev.jpg
Sepia toned photograph of Highwood, the elegant stone mansion built by James Gore King in 1832. After King's death in 1853, most of the family moved back to New York City. The mansion remained at it's location (approximately 21 King Avenue) until…


Auction Prospectus - Highwood Park
This is a copy of an Auction Prospectus for 293 choice lots in Highwood Park adjoining Eldorado Station in Weehawken Heights, NJ. The auction was to take place on Wednesday, May 30, 1894 at noon and was conducted by James L. Wells, Auctioneer of 59…

Painting of Highwood by Grant Wright
Water color painting of Highwood, the estate of James Gore King, painted by Grant Wright and based on a 1957 charcoal drawing of Highwood by Thomas Ayres. Ayres did a series of drawings of the Highwood estate, which reside in the New York Historical…