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Postcard - Shippen Street - Weehawken Heights, NJ

Black and white view of homes on Shippen Street.

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Postcard - Unidentified Weehawken Home

whc202005007 - 1.jpeg
This postcard, postmarked from Weehawken in 1906 shows a house that was special to the writer. Does anyone recognize this house?

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Weehawken stained glass windows
Colored digital photographs of stained glass windows at 63 King Avenue before they were removed and sold. The photos were taken on May 29, 2014.

Auction Prospectus - Highwood Park
This is a copy of an Auction Prospectus for 293 choice lots in Highwood Park adjoining Eldorado Station in Weehawken Heights, NJ. The auction was to take place on Wednesday, May 30, 1894 at noon and was conducted by James L. Wells, Auctioneer of 59…

Newspaper Clipping - Historic Weehawken Mansion
This unidentified and undated clipping from a newspaper shows the mansion of Archibald Gracie King, known as The Bluff. The drawing of the house is captioned Copyright by Jas L Wells, 1894. It is mounted next to a letter to the editor of the New York…

Photo - Karl Bitter Home and Studio
Undated black and white photo of Karl Bitters home and studio in silhouette on the cliffs above the Hudson. This item is in the collection of the Weehawken Historical Commission.

Studio of Karl Bitter
Undated newspaper clipping. Caption: This scene atop the Palisades greeted your eye more than 11 years ago if you looked up the Grauert Causeway. On the brink of the cliff you would have seen the unique studio of Karl Bitters, noted sculptor. He was…

4 Photos of a House Above the Shippen Street Horseshoe
A set of 4 undated black and white photos of a house which appears to be above and just to the south of the Shippen Street horseshoe curve. The house is actually at the end of the north side of Oak Street. In the 1880s, the mansard roofed Victorian…

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Postcard of an unidentified house
This black and white photo postcard from the collection of the Weehawken Historical Commission depicts an unidentified house. According to Time Machine user Steve Silverman, this house "Looks very similiar to the house I grew up in in Weehawken at 51…

Sculptor Karl Bitter's Studio - 1910
Black and white photograph of sculptor Karl Bitter's home and studio as it looked in 1910 (present day Hamilton Park.) Far left is a gazebo (a bandstand from Eldorado) cantilevered over the Palisades. At bottom, a train passes. This photograph is…