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A Highland Arcadia
This front page article of section two from the Jersey City Evening Journal on June 19, 1897 sings the praises of Weehawken and its many fine homes.

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Policemen at 4th Street (48th Street) and the Boulevard
This photo from the early 1900s shows Patrolman Sy. Clute of the Weehawken Police Department and Boulevard Officer Patrick Dolan, who later became chief of the Hudson County Police Department. It was taken at the corner of 4th Street (today's 48th…

Key to Hauxhurst, the Denning Duer Mansion
Front door key of the Denning-Duer Mansion, called Hauxhurst from 1845-1900. May 4, 1944. Given to Chief Edward J. Kirk by Mr. Thomas Quinn, to whom key was given by Miss Sarah Duer, 45 years ago. From the collection of Police Chief Edwark Kirk, to…

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Houses on Highwood Avenue
This undated black and white photo looking west, shows three houses built by a Mr. Green on Highwood Avenue (157 Highwood Avenue). The image was provided by Weehawken resident Carlota Barreda.

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Contract for Telephone Service
Resident Virginia Martin purchased this old telephone contract from 1912 some years back at an estate sale when the property at 13 Clifton Terrace was being sold and has kindly donated it to the Weehawken Historical Commission.

Painting of Highwood by Grant Wright
Water color painting of Highwood, the estate of James Gore King, painted by Grant Wright and based on a 1957 charcoal drawing of Highwood by Thomas Ayres. Ayres did a series of drawings of the Highwood estate, which reside in the New York Historical…

Seltzer Mansion
This is a circa 1960s photo of the Seltzer mansion, located at 55 King Ave. It was owned by Theodore Seltzer, president and founder of Bengue Inc, which made Ben-Gay ointment. Seltzer earned $295,613 in 1947, one of the top salaries in business at…


Archibald Gracie King Mansion - The Bluff
Undated engraving of the mansion of A. G. King, which was located in the Bluffs section of town, named for the mansion. King was the son of James Gore King. The drawing was used in a real estate lots auction advertisement in 1894. From the collection…

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Geology in The Heights
Black and white photographs of glacial rock in the Heights area exposed during construction of the reservoir. This picture is from the 1893 Annual Report of the NJ State Geologist, which can be accessed from the external web link to your left.

Newspaper Clipping - Demolition in the Valley
This identified newspaper clipping shows the demolition of houses in the Valley section of town in preparation for the building of the approaches to the Lincoln Tunnel. From the collection of the Weehawken Historical Commission.