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Eldorado Place, circa 1950
Black and white photo of Eldorado Place, looking west. Part of the Weehawken High School and water tower are visible at the end of the street. From the collection of the Weehawken Historical Commission.

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Eldorado Realty Company Prospectus
Sales brochure designed to entice potential homebuyers to purchase property in the Eldorado Heights section of Weehawken around the turn of the century. This was after the closing of the Eldorado amusement park. I hope that not too many purchasers…

Excerpt - Great Houses of New Jersey - 1902
This page is a transcription of a section of a book about the houses of Highwood in Weehawken in the 19th century. Found by Bernie Zempolich.

First Street from Louisa Place, Clifton Park, N.J.
Black and white photo postcard looking west on 1st Street (now Cooper Place). The house on the right side was demolished to make way for the Roosevelt School in 1927.

First Street looking West, Weehawken, NJ
Colored photo postcard view of First Street, now known as Cooper Place, looking west.

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Fourth St. from Bulls Ferry Road, Union Hill, NJ
Colored photo postcard showing Fourth Street (today's 48th Street) from Bulls Ferry Road (today's Park Avenue). This is probably on the Union City side of the street. Note the trolley tracks. Postmarked April 2, 1913 from New Durham.

Geology in The Heights
Black and white photographs of glacial rock in the Heights area exposed during construction of the reservoir. This picture is from the 1893 Annual Report of the NJ State Geologist, which can be accessed from the external web link to your left.

Hauxhurst Park, Weehawken N.J.
This postcard shows the end of Hauxhurst avenue near where I495 is today. The mansion to the left is today's public library. Undated - early 1910s.

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House Advertisement - 1917
This advertisement appears to be from Country Life Magazine and reads as follows: On the Palisades Opposite 40th Street Spanish Mission Home at the very edge of the bluff at Weehawken, N.J. overlooking the Hudson. Planned for utmost river view, 200…


Houses on Highwood Avenue
This undated black and white photo looking west, shows three houses built by a Mr. Green on Highwood Avenue (157 Highwood Avenue). The image was provided by Weehawken resident Carlota Barreda.

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