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2nd Street from Boulevard, Clifton Park, Weehawken
Black and white photo postcard of Mr. Von Biela's house on the corner of Boulevard East, looking west. Today, Second Street has been promoted to 46th Street and looks quite a bit different!

4 Photos of a House Above the Shippen Street Horseshoe
A set of 4 undated black and white photos of a house which appears to be above and just to the south of the Shippen Street horseshoe curve. The house is actually at the end of the north side of Oak Street. In the 1880s, the mansard roofed Victorian…

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A Highland Arcadia
This front page article of section two from the Jersey City Evening Journal on June 19, 1897 sings the praises of Weehawken and its many fine homes.

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Archibald Gracie King Mansion - The Bluff
Undated engraving of the mansion of A. G. King, which was located in the Bluffs section of town, named for the mansion. King was the son of James Gore King. The drawing was used in a real estate lots auction advertisement in 1894. From the collection…

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Auction Prospectus - Highwood Park
This is a copy of an Auction Prospectus for 293 choice lots in Highwood Park adjoining Eldorado Station in Weehawken Heights, NJ. The auction was to take place on Wednesday, May 30, 1894 at noon and was conducted by James L. Wells, Auctioneer of 59…

Boulevard East - Apartment Houses Overlooking the Hudson River
Black and white postcard of the Boulevard showing the intersection of Eldorado Place looking north. Time Machine viewer Roy Marques thinks that this card "seems to be older than 1956. I realize the date on the back of the postcard is from that year,…

Boulevard East Circa 1939
Black and white photo, circa 1939, looking northwest at houses between Hudson and Eldorado Place on Boulevard East.

Boulevard Loop and Bitters Atelier, and Castle Highwood Park, Weehawken, NJ
Color postcard photograph of the Hudson Boulevard loop (today's Boulevard East) looking north. In the foreground on the east side are the Meister mansion, Karl Bitter's studio. On reverse, postmarked June 29, 1906. Peter Hoffmann Publisher, Jersey…

Brown Mansion, Clifton Park, NJ
A black and white photo postcard of the mansion of James Brown, principal of the Brown Brothers Bank in New York City. After Brown's death, the house was converted to a church, first as an outpost of the Grove Reformed Church on Kennedy Boulevard in…

Contract for Telephone Service
Resident Virginia Martin purchased this old telephone contract from 1912 some years back at an estate sale when the property at 13 Clifton Terrace was being sold and has kindly donated it to the Weehawken Historical Commission.