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Postcard - Palisades at 42nd Street Ferry, Weehawken, NJ

Views of Weehawken waterfront, trolley, Karl Bitter's studio and a sign advertising "Highwood Park" at the top of the Palisades.

View of Palisades Showing Wooden Steps
Unposted color photo postcard showing the wooden steps leading down from Boulevard East to Pershing Road.

Palisades Showing Lover's Leap, Weehawken, NJ
Color photo postcard of the rocky Palisades and railroad tracks running along the bottom. Mailed March 17, 1916 from New York.

Chas. A. Daly, Union Hill, NJ

Newspaper Clipping - Steps from Park Avenue to Union City
Undated and unidentified newspaper clipping with the following caption: Twice a Day on These and Mountain Climbing Is Child's Play Before you reach this ascent from Park Avenue, Weehawken, to Twentieth Street and Gregory Avenue, Union City, you have…

Weehawken Rocks
Unidentified and undated newspaper clipping showing a woman standing under some of the dramatic overhang of rocks along the Palisades, in West New York. Unfortunately, this is only one of two pictures in the set. The other showed the same woman…

Dead End Steps on Kings Bluff, Weehawken
Undated and unidentified newspaper clipping with a photo of some rather forlorn looking steps that led from the bluff down to Boulevard East, near the Lincoln Tunnel Plaza.

Eldorado - Front view of the Palisades from the Elevators
Undated black and white photograph showing a view of the Eldorado theater and amusement complex as seen from the top of the elevators which carried people from the ferry slips to the top of the Palisades. From the collection of the Weehawken…

Winter in Weehawken
Winter in Weehawken, painted by Henry Reuterdahl, who bought Karl Bitter's home and studio after Bitter died. The painting was awarded the Silver Medal in the Panama Pacific International Exposition of 1915. From the collection of the University of…

Steroscopic View of Bergen Hill and Weehawken
Views About Bergen Hill, Opposite New York (No.5989) - Looking north across the meadows from near the brow of the Hill. Weehawken in the distance. Published by E. & H.T. Anthony and CompanyAmerican and Foreign Stereoscopic Emporium, 501 Broadway,…


New York From Weehawken - James McBey - 1949
This etching, entitled New York from Weehawken was made in November 1949 by James McBey. Issued in an edition of 60, each print measuring 7 3/4 x 14 3/4". Permission to post this image was graciously provided by The Philadelphia Print Shop.