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World War II Ration Book
This ration book, dating from World War II, contains coupons issued to Beatrice C. Haug, John G. Haug and Julia E. Stutzer, all of 91 Hauxhurst Avenue of Weehawken. From the collection of the Weehawken Historical Commission.

Campaign Poster
Poster from a Weehawken mayoral campaign for the Weehawken and You ticket. The poster promotes Mayor Stanley D. Iacono for Candidate at Large, Edward M. Keating for Candidate at Large, and James P. Reilly for 2nd Ward Candidate. Weehawken and You…

Playbill - The Confederate Spy - St Lawrence Dramatic Society - 1900
From the collection of the Weehawken Historic Commission, this playbill is for The Confederate Spy, a military drama in five acts, performed by the St. Lawrence Dramatic Society at St. Lawrence Hall in the Shades on Thursday and Friday evenings,…

Babe Ruth Comes to Weehawken
On May 5th, 1928, famed baseball player Babe Ruth made an unscheduled stop in Weehawken when he was pulled over by police for speeding. A court date was set for May 21st, and as word spread around town that the Bambino was to appear before a…

Mayor Meister and NYC Mayor Laguardia Inspect the Lincoln Tunnel
Weehawken Mayor Meister and NYC Mayor Laguardia meet on October 15, 1937 in the Lincoln Tunnel for an inspection. This photo is from the Edward Kirk scrap book, which is in the collection of the Weehawken Historical Commission.

Mayor Meister Lights Weehawken's Birthday Cake
Mayor Meister is shown lighting the town's 75th birthday cake at the foot of the steps of Town Hall in 1934. This picture is from the Edward Kirk scrap book, which is in the collection of the Weehawken Historical Commission.

Homes for 8,000 Now Occupy Sections of Weehawken Once Divided in 3 Estates
Clipping from the Hudson Dispatch, January 13, 1931. This article describes the three estates that occupied the Highwood section of town - Brown, Bonn and King. It also has some interesting statistics and tells about the horse cars of yore. There is…

Characters Out of History Honored by Street Names
Clipping from an unidentified newspaper (probably the Hudson Observer) stamped July 25, 1940 describing the origin of some of Weehawken's street names, including Shippen, Dodd, Oak, Highpoint, Jane, Bonn, Potter, Hamilton, Burr, Carroll, Grauert,…

Lt. Kirk Describes Weehawken's Growth
Clipping from an unknown paper (probably the Hudson Observer) stamped December 6, 1938 and describing police lieutenant Edward Kirk's presentation to the Alumni Association of Woodrow Wilson High School on the Town's history. Lt. Kirk lectured to 100…

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Solved! The Deep Mystery of Weehawken's Lost Pond
Clipping from the Hudson Observer, July 29, 1935. Describes the search for a long lost pond in the Valley behind King's Bluff. It was found by E. Robert Grauert, son of Mayor Emile Grauert. Much is made of the younger Grauert's besting of Weehawken…

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