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Town Hall & Police Headquarters, Weehawken, N.J.
Black and white photo of old town hall building at 309 Park Avenue. Three men standing on the steps - two appear to be uniformed policemen. This building is now the Veterans of Foreign Wars post 1923 for Weehawken and well as the home of the…

Weehawken Police Department Courtesy Card
This 1944 Courtesy Card, stamped no. 718, features the autograph of Mayor John Meister.

Matchbook - Help Help!
A matchbook advising voters to vote YES for a fire and police pay hike.

Weehawken Police Department Patch
Patch with insignia of Weehawken Police, gold on a dark blue background of an encircled New Jersey State seal with lightening bolts.

Weehawken Signal Bureau Patch
Patch from the Weehawken Signal Bureau - Police and Fire. Thanks to Tom Cheplic and Jeff Welz for solving this mystery - this patch is from the 1970s and was issued to the folks who ran emergency communications and traffic signals.

Weehawken Police Department Badge
This badge, from the collection of Lt. Jeff Fulcher of the Weehawken Police Department, was issued to one of Weehawken's Finest around the turn of the twentieth century.

New York Central Railroad Police Badge - Weehawken
Beautiful old eagle top nickel shield from the (defunct) NYC Railroad Company. The New York Central hired Traffic Officers from the Hudson County Boulevard Police Department from 1923 to 1947 to direct traffic at the New York Central Railroad Station…

Police Hall of Fame - Chief Edward J. Kirk
This two page profile from the October 1949 issue of True Crime Stories focuses on Weehawken Police Chief Edward Kirk. It begins: When Edward J. Kirk was twelve years old, he played the part of a policeman in a grade school play. From that day…

Weehawken PBA Patch
Sew on emblem of the Weehawken chapter of the Police Benevolent Association (local 15).

Weehawken Police Department Patch
This is a vintage Weehawken Police Department patch. Any information as to what years this patch was in use would be appreciated.