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WHKN Record - 1933 pg 1.pdf
A political broadside, called the Weehawken Record, was published by the Second Ward Republican Campaign Committee in 1933, urging Second Ward citizens to vote for Arthur Abrahamsen to the Township Committee and to replace the "corrupt" Democratic…

1934 Republican Campaign Committee Mailer
An 8-1/2" x 11" mailer sent in 1934 by the Republican Campaign Committee to Weehawken citizens, suggesting they support the Republican ticket with a campaign contribution.


Tom Gallo Political flyer .pdf
Black and white 8-1/2" x 11" political flyer from Assemblyman Thomas A. Gallo, urging Weehawkenites to vote for the Democratic ticket in 1976. The flyer was sponsored by the Weehawken Democratic Campaign Fund,

A political message from Democrats in 1964 against a Republican Administration which had been in power for 14 years.

On reverse is a list of useful township and County phone numbers at the time. Note the exchange for most of the numbers is UN…

Booklet of the Weehawken Republican Party's Annual fund raiser dance from November 3, 1967.

Contents include the 3 Republican candidates running for Township Council, the members of the Dance Committee and advertisements from residents and local…

Newspaper clipping (unknown date or paper) from the collection of Chief Kirk showing a group of distinguished gentlemen ready to sweep out the incumbent West Hoboken administration in 1885.
A matchbook advising voters to vote YES for a fire and police pay hike.