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Black and white photo postcard showing a viaduct over the rail yards in Weehawken. Postmarked September 25, 1908 from Hoboken. John C. Voigt Post Card Co., Jersey City, NJ. Printed in Germany.
Undated photograph showing the Weehawken waterfront while it was still an active railroad and river transportation nexus. A trolley can be seen at the lower left of the image.Based on the cars seen in the image, it appears to be from the 1930s, but…
Color photo postcard of the rocky Palisades and railroad tracks running along the bottom. Mailed March 17, 1916 from New York.

Chas. A. Daly, Union Hill, NJ
Newspaper advertisement announcing the new West Shore Railroad Storm King train from Weehawken to Albany with service commencing July 8, 1928. This service included a buffet parlor car and connected at Albany with the new Day Coach De…
A reproduction of the timetable (effective May 13, 1894) for trains of the Palisades Railroad running between Weehawken and Fort Lee and ferries between Weehawken and NYC (42nd Street and Franklin Street).
Season ticket for the NYCRR Weehawken Ferry for 1947-1948

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Postcard showing a train on Weehawken's working waterfromt in front of a rail bridge. Postmarked 1908.