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9" x 11" black and white photograph of St. Lawrence Church and St. Lawrence Parochial school and 9" x 11" photograph of St. Lawrence Church looking north up Hackensack Avenue towards the Palisades..
Black and white photograph dated 1892, showing the foot of Chestnut St. and West 19th Street and Pete Haye's stables in the Shades. According to a Shades inhabitant: Around where the horse and wagon are would be a place called the well - most people…

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Clipping from the Hudson Observer, marked November 28, 1950 with a highly suspect "Legend of Weehawken" involving a "Chief Wee Hawk," an Indian burial ground in The Shades, and honest to goodness chain dragging Lenni-Lenape ghosts.

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Mark Wright's notes from his 1966 conversations with residents of The Shades contain lots of information about people, places and events in old Weehawken.

Sepia tone photograph from the collection of Mark Wright, who tells us that the Sunbonnet Sues were a social club which was probably associated with the ME Church in the Shades. Click above for more pictures and information about the Sues and their…
Three calling cards from residents of the Shades (from the collection of Mark Wright). Frances M. McFadden - 1846 Willow Ave Louis Lachenauer - 20 W 19th Street Mrs. G. S. Lovatt - 51 Chestnut Street

Black and white photo, circa 1900. This ivy-covered house was the last building on 19th Street in the Shades before the cliffs. From the collection of Mark Wright.
Undated sepia toned photograph of Peter Scentel, a member of the Baldwin Hose Company and also Sunday School Superintendent of the W. 19th St. Methodist Episcopal Church. From the collection of Mark Wright.

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A photograph of Harry Marek. Harry J. Marek's home and grocery store was located at 52 Chestnut Street in the Shades. Harry Joseph Marek was born in Union City, NJ in 1888. From the collection of Mark Wright.