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19th Street ME Church Young Adult Sunday School Class
Sepia tone photograph of members of the Sunday School Class posing in front of the 19th Street ME Church. According to Mark Wright: (l-r) Tillie Brucker, Thomas C. Wright, Ruth ___ (became a missionary), others unidentified. From the collection of…

Active Plymouth Members in 1896
This picture and article is from the Jersey Journal (May 12, 1937). It was sent in by Margie Kelly, who writes: My Maternal Great Grandfather Jim O'Donnell (2nd from right) is pictured here along with other members of the "Plymouth A.C. Members"…

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Along the Palisades, West Hoboken, N.J.
Black and white photo postcard of the Palisades looking southwest, with the Shades directly below. Card dated 9-13-06.

Before the Lincoln Tunnel
This drawing by Grant Wright shows the playground just below the town hall at 400 Park Avenue in what was called the Valley area of Weehawken before construction began on the Lincoln Tunnel. Far left is old Boulevard East, at right is Park Avenue…

Boy Scout Troop 11 - 1916
Boy Scout Troop 11(from Jersey City) lining up for Flag Day Parade on West 19th Street in the Shades. From the collection of Mark Wright.

Boy Scout Troop 11 and their Goat - 1916
Black and white photo of Boy Scout Troop 11 (of Jersey City) lining up for Flag Day Parade on W. 19th Street in the Shades, with their trusty goat mascot.

Calling Cards from the Shades
Three calling cards from residents of the Shades (from the collection of Mark Wright). Frances M. McFadden - 1846 Willow Ave Louis Lachenauer - 20 W 19th Street Mrs. G. S. Lovatt - 51 Chestnut Street


Fire Bell
Metal firebell with wooden handle, circa 1900. From the collection of Mark Wright: "My great Grandfather Thomas Wright's firebell which he rang through the streets of the Shades to summon other firemen to pull the old fire engine to a fire."

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Hillside - West Hoboken Showing Lower Weehawken, N
Hand colored postcard photo of lower Weehawken (the Shades) from the Palisades. Postmarked December 26, 1912 from Weehawken. Postcard published by Union News Co., New York.