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Boulevard Loop, Hauxhurst Park, N.J.
Black and white photograph of Boulevard East looking south past what would be the Jefferson Street stairs. Postmarked September 2?, 1909 from Albany, King & NJ. Weehawken Post Card Company, Union Hill, NJ.

Morgan Street, Weehawken, N.J.
Hand colored photo postcard of Morgan Street, which was in Union Hill, and became 40th Street in 1926. The image does look like Weehawken. It was not uncommon for postcards to be mislabeled. Postmarked November 9, 1909 from Milford, Mass Printed in…

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The Valley, Weehawken, N.J.
Colored photo postcard showing Boulevard in what used to be called "The Valley" before the Lincoln Tunnel. Published by Chas. A Daly, Union Hill, NJ

Bulls Ferry Road and Atlantic Garden in Distance
Colored photo postcard looking north on Bulls Ferry Road (Park Avenue) towards the Atlantic Gardens, a saloon and beer garden, located at Weehawken Street and Bulls Ferry Road in Union Hill (Union City). At right is Hauxhurst Avenue and the retaining…

Along the Hudson Boulevard
Undated colored photo postcard of Hudson Boulevard, along what we call Kennedy Boulevard today, west of Weehawken's Boulevard East. John C. Voigt Post Card Co., Jersey City, NJ. Printed in Germany.

The Boulevard Loop, Weehawken, NJ
Colored photo postcard of Hudson Boulevard, now Boulevard East. Postmarked December 5, 1912 from Weehawken.

Boulevard looking North, Weehawken, NJ
Two hand-colored photo postcards of the same view, looking north on Boulevard East from Hamilton Avenue, with floating cars added. The second postcard is more realistically colored.  There are three names, Metz, Beer, Weller, written in pencil above…

A Section of the Hudson County Boulevard, Highwood
Black and white photo postcard of four houses, heading north along Boulevard East, between 49th and 50th Streets. Postmarked February 14, 1902 from Weehawken. J.C. Voigt Post Card Company, Jersey City, NJ Darmstadt, German

Park View Avenue and Highwood Terrace Looking North from Boulevard
Hand colored photo postcard, looking north at Highwood Avenue at left, Duer Place with Highwood Firehouse, and large home with flagpole fronting Boulevard East. Postmarked from Mineola, NY

View of Highwood Park from the Old Resevoir, Weehawken, N.J.
Black and white undivided photo postcard looking east towards Highwood Avenue, Duer Place, the back of the Highwood Hose Company No.4, and Boulevard East. Postmarked July, 19, 1907 from New York.