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Water Bill - 1946 - Hackensack Water Company

Paid March 1946 water bill in the amount of $6.02 (for the first quarter of the year) issued to Lena Palmitissi of 4532 Park Avenue by the Hackensack Water Company located at 4100 Park Avenue.

Bird's-eye View from Morgan Street and Bulls Ferry Road, showing Water Tower, Union Hill, NJ
Unposted colored postcard of a view of Bulls Ferry Road (today's Park Avenue) looking north from Morgan Street n (today's 40th Street) towards the Hackensack Water Tower and reservoir at right. At left in distance is the Bermes Brewery, with flag…

Water Tower and Reservoir from Union Hill, NJ
Color postcard of the Hackensack Water Tower and reservoir looking northeast from Union Hill (Union City.)

Notated are the Clifton Park neighborhood (named for James Brown's home, called Clifton and located on Louisa Place), and a mislabeled…

THE WEEHAWKEN WATER TOWER - a short film by Michael Boldt
A group of Weehawken enthusiasts took the walk, 17 flights, up the Weehawken Water Tower. This is a short film for those folks who couldn't make the climb.

Demolition of the Hackensack Water Company Reservoir Number 1
Three undated black and white photos (circa early 1980s) showing the later phases of the demolition of the reservoir and gate house, which were located at Park Avenue and 40th Street (the site of today's Acme parking lot). These photos are from the…

Engine Room of the Water Tower
Black and white photo, circa 1895, of the engine room of the Weehawken Water Tower. This mighty engine pumped water to the tank in the top of the tower and provided Weehawken and environs with water pressure.

Bulls Ferry Road, Union Hill, NJ
View looking south down Bulls Ferry Road (today's Park Avenue) towards the Water Tower. Postmarked September 28, 1909 from Hoboken. From the collection of Marianne Wuillamey.

Print - The Water Tower
A colored print of the Hackensack Water Company's Water Tower in Weehawken, NJ from American Architect and Building News, issue number 402, dated September 5th, 1883.

Panorama of New York West Side and Highwood Park, New Jersey
This 360 degree panoramic photograph appears to have been taken from the top of the Water Tower. It was taken by August Patzig and was deposited for copyright in the Library of Congress on May 19, 1909. This image is part of the Library of Congress…

Bulls Ferry Road and Union Street, UNION HILL, NJ
Colored photo postcard view looking north up Park Avenue from Union Street (now 37th Street.) The Water Tower is visible, as are trolley tracks, and a number of shops and apartments. Postmarked from Weehawken.