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1911 Advertisement/Map of West Hoboken
This advertisement for George B. Bergkamp appeared in the West Hoboken 50th Anniversary Journal issued in 1911 and shows a map of West Hoboken in days of yore as well as 'now' in 1911.

Souvenir History - 50th Anniversary of West Hoboken - 1911
The now defunct Town of West Hoboken celebrated its 50th anniversary on June 1-4, 1911, in part, by publishing this souvenir history book. In addition to the history of the Town, it includes many advertisements from local businesses and other…

Painting - West Hoboken - William R Miller
This image of an 1882 painting by William R Miller, showing the New York Harbor from West Hoboken. It may also show the waterfront artist colony which used to be on the banks of the Hudson. Thanks to Willie Demontreux for this image.

Along the Palisades, West Hoboken, N.J.
Black and white photo postcard of the Palisades looking southwest, with the Shades directly below. Card dated 9-13-06.

Reservoir - West Hoboken, NJ
Strange, hand drawn and colored postcard what appears to be the Highpoint Avenue reservoir, The monastery is visible in the background. Postmarked September 6, 1907 from West Hoboken. S. & C. Postcard Co., West Hoboken.

Looking Backward - Political Aspirants Used New Brooms to Sweep out the Ins
Newspaper clipping (unknown date or paper) from the collection of Chief Kirk showing a group of distinguished gentlemen ready to sweep out the incumbent West Hoboken administration in 1885.

Program - Emerson Grammar School - Closing Exercises - June 1923
Program from Closing Exercises Emerson Grammar School West Hoboken, N.J. Monday Evening, June 25, 1923 This item was generously donated to the Weehawken Time Machine by Carol Cordes, who graduated Weehawken HS in 1957 as Carol Heinrich. Gertrude…

Jersey City and Surroundings Post Card Book
This fold out booklet of colored postcards focuses on Jersey City, but includes some pictures of interest to the Weehawken history buff... Published by the Brooklyn Post Card Company of New York.

Spring Street, West Hoboken, NJ
Colored photo postcard of Spring Street scene with pharmacy in the foreground. Postmarked September 10, 1910 John C. Voigt Postcard Co., Jersey City, NJ

St. Michaels Monastery - West Hoboken, NJ
Colored photo postcard of St. Michael's Monastery in West Hoboken (now Union City), NJ. The monastery is located at 2019 West Street. The Monastery and Church of Saint Michael the Archangel (built in 1875) is a state and national historic place in…