Bodenstein Collection

69th St Guttenberg parade -July 4, 1899.jpg
6019 trolley carrying mail at Hoboken Terminal - 1918.jpg
Bergenline Ave at 24th St UC - 1890s.jpg
Bergenline Ave in 1887 0 St, Michaals's Monastery.jpg
Bergenline Ave, UC - 1888 blizzard.jpg
Bergenline betw 42-43rd UC 1890.jpg
Bitter and Castle circa 1895.jpg
Brody's Dept Store - WNY 1914.jpg
Cables on GWB - 1931.jpg
Cows on Palisades, near Gregory Ave - WHKN - 1890.jpg
Dan Kelly's Hotel, Fairview.jpg
Deitz Casino and Hotel - Kennedy Blvd and 32nd St UC - 1900.jpg
Englewood Station 1883.jpg
Ferryboat 'Hoboken' at Lackawanna RR, Hoboken 1890s.jpg
Horse drawn trolley Willow near 11st St - Hoboken - 1890s.jpg
Hudson Hts Hotel at Nungesser's ca 1900.jpg
Hugo Krodl Volk Gardens, JC Hts - 1900.jpg
Jackson Line trolley Henderson St, Hoboken.jpg
JJ Astor summer home Hbkn - 1880s.jpg
Kossuth St and 33rd _UC, 1905.jpg
NB town hall - Kennedy Blvd 1906.jpg
NY and 38th St - UC - 19006.jpg
Open air trolley NB.jpg
Palisade Junction 1907 - East Bergen.jpg
Passaic line trolley - Paterson Pl Rd - Secaucus - ca 1900.jpg
Paterson Pl Rd from Bowers St in JC 1900.jpg
Pershing Rd facing south - ca 1920- bottom of stairs visible .jpg
Schuetzen Park, NB ca 1900.jpg
Spanish American war encampment in King's Wood, WHKN - 1898.jpg
Stephen Foster's home at 601 Bloomfield, Hoboken.jpg
The Castle Columbia Pk, NB.jpg
Trolley on Hudson St Hoboken - 1902.jpg
Union Hill and WHKN horsecar on NY Ave betw 27th and 29th Sts - 1882 .jpg
West Hoboken Police Dept -1880.jpg
West NY from 57th St looking down on NYC RR - 1895.jpg
WHKN toll gate on Hacken Pl Rd - 1882.jpg
WHKN Water Tower, looking north on Park Ave.jpg
Wm Hagan, Secaucus.jpg
Woeckner farm Secaucus - ca 1900.jpg


Bodenstein Collection


A collection of newspaper photographs with captions, from the late 19th and early 20th century


Late 19th Century - early 20th Century


Still Image



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