Eagan Business Schools Brochures

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Eagan Business Schools Brochures


Informational brochures of the Eagan Schools of Business


Three brochures of the Eagan School of Business, which was founded by John J. Eagan in 1893 in a single school room in Hoboken. The first brochure is from 1906, the second is from 1937 and third is the Night School brochure, undated. Graduation informational letter sent to students. Success, a marketing brochure of the Eagan Schools was published in September, 1928.

John J. Eagan founded he first school at 66 Hudson Street in Hoboken, serving as its president. The Eagan School expanded to facilities in Union City, New York City and Jersey City. It was year round, with rates in 1905 of $10 per calendar month, night school at $5 per month. Along with a typewriting department and business practices department, the original building housed a gymnasium and lunchroom. Once the course of study was completed, students were helped in job placement by the Employment Bureaus of the Eagan Schools.


1902 - 1928


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