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John J. Eagan was born in Hoboken in 1872, attended public and private schools, studied in England and returned to the US. He founded the Eagan Business Schools in Hoboken in 1893 and served as President, expanding schools into Jersey City and New York. He moved his family from Hoboken to Weehawken circa 1915, living at 30 King Avenue (today 38 King Avenue). Eagan served in the US House of Representatives for the New Jersey's 11th District from 1913 - 1921 and from 1923-1925, serving as a democrat. After retirement from Congress, he returned to business. Eagan was appointed to the Weehawken Board of Education in 1932 and served as tax collector to the Township from 1941-1955. He died in 1956.


  • Dorothy Riley

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 Eagan Business Schools Brochures
Three brochures of the Eagan School of Business, which was founded by John J. Eagan in 1893 in a single school room in Hoboken. The first brochure is from 1906, the second is from 1937 and third is the Night School brochure, undated. Graduation…

Representatives John J. Eagan and C. A. McGlennon in Washington, DC.
A photograph of Representatives John J. Eagan and C.A. McGlennon, taken on February 7,1920 in Washington, DC., with two unidentified women.

John J. Eagan Stationery - US House of Representatives
Official stationery of John J. Eagan, US House of Representatives stationery, with Weehawken home address
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