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Water Bill - 1946 - Hackensack Water Company

Paid March 1946 water bill in the amount of $6.02 (for the first quarter of the year) issued to Lena Palmitissi of 4532 Park Avenue by the Hackensack Water Company located at 4100 Park Avenue.

Matchbook - Robert Reiner Inc.

Promotional matchbook from Robert Reiner Inc., manufacturer of textile machines and accessories (founded 1903), located at 550/64 Gregory Avenue. The matchbook states "It pays to consult us first on your problems and requirements" and has a handy…

Matchbook - Christy's Bar

Promotional matchbook from Christy's Bar, located at 40 Hackensack Avenue in Weehawken.

Postcard - West view from the Empire State Building, New York City

While some people will be looking at the small town in the foreground of this photo, those in the know will concentrate their attention on the far shore which contains a view of Weehawken's waterfront in 1983.


Photos from 1959 Weehawken 100th Anniversary Parade

A set of mostly military themed photos from Weehawken's 100th anniversary celebration parade.

Photo - Ferryboat Weehawken's last day - 1959

AP Wire Photo - March 24, 1959 - description from the photo:NEW YORK(NY25) NEW YORK MAR.24-END OF AN ERA APPROACHING- Its decks loaded with last day commuters from New Jersey, the New York Central's ferryboat Weehawken heads into its Hudson River…

Correspondence with New York, Ontario and Western Railway - 1915

Letter and reply regarding a damaged shipment and associated payment from the NYO&W railroad headquartered in Weehawken.

Spoon from the ship S.S. Weehawken

Small silver spoon engraved with the name "S.S. Weehawken"This does NOT seem to be from the Civil War monitor named after our fair township, which was the "USS Weehawken," as it was a naval vessel.This may be from a ship of that name of the…

Photo - Football at Weehawken Stadium - 1940

Photograph of a football game underway at Weehawken Stadium, dated 1940 on back.

Box of Boneset Herb from S.B. Penick & Co

Box of herbal medicine from Weehawken firm S.B. Penick & Company.