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Indian Ink - Weehawken HS publication - June, 1971

Indian Ink - 1971 p.1 4.jpeg
Volume XXX, no. 4 June 1971 copy of a Weehawken High School newspaper, published and contributed to by a staff made up of students.


1914 West Hoboken Observers Baseball Team

1914 baseball team - Lossberg.jpg
Undated newspaper photograph of the 1914 Observers, a baseball team organized in the Lossberg section of West Hoboken. Players (except for 2) and manager are identified.


Deas deed conveyed from Jane Ann Fowler to James Brown - 1864

Deas deed - cover.jpg
Original handwritten deed between Jane Ann Fowler and James Brown, both of New York City, conveying a 10 acre parcel of land known as Peacock Meadows, being a part of Slaugh’s Meadow, originally conveyed to James Deas by Alexander Peacock, bounded on…

Memorial Day Pamphlet - 2019

Memorial Day 2019 - pg 1.jpg
2019 Memorial Day Pamphlet. Along with the usual yearly ceremony, nine additional names were engraved at the bottom of the Soldiers and Sailors Monument, to mark the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I. The monument was refurbished and…

Doctors Pharmacy Eye Dropper and Box

Drs Pharmacy eye dropper.jpg
3-1/2" long glass eye dropper, with rubber disc and tip. Comes in cardboard box, with corrugated paper to protect glass, with instructions on one side.

Label reads:

The Doctors Pharmacy
Sol Susselman, PhG , Nat Bronfman, BS Ph

Steps to Highwood Park

Steps to Highwood Park - pc .jpg
Colored unused postcard of the wooden steps leading from Clifton Road (now Pershing Road) up to the top of the Palisades at Boulevard East.

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Map of Highwood Bluffs 1909

HighwoodBluffsWeehawkin1909 map.jpg
Map of Highwood Bluffs, the extension of High Bluff Terrace, printed in 1909. The area was purchased by S. E. Renner and Thomas Henry, developers of this area and also Sterling Avenue, on the other side of the Hudson Boulevard, now Boulevard…


Woodrow Wilson School Graduation - 1978

Graduation - pg 1 -  1978.pdf
Graduation Exercises program of Woodrow Wilson School, June 21, 1978.


Peter Skripka Sr. working at Jay-Dee Wine & Liquor

Pete Skripa Sr at Jay Dees rev.jpg
Scan of an undated black and white photograph of Pete Skripka, Sr, serving a very young customer at Jay-Dee's, a liquor store that apparently also sold soft drinks and candy. The store, which was located at 88 Highwood Terrace, is present day…