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Columbia Terrace - looking west from Potter Place.jpg
Black and white postcard photograph of the north side of Columbia Terrace at Potter Place, looking from the opposite corner of Columbia Terrace.

Published by John C. Voigt Post Card Co., Jersey City, N.J. Printed in Germany


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Photograph of the Hudson from the Palisades with a three masted sailing ship in view.


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This postcard, postmarked from Weehawken in 1906 shows a house that was special to the writer. Does anyone recognize this house?

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Postcard showing a train on Weehawken's working waterfromt in front of a rail bridge. Postmarked 1908.

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Undated two page typewritten price sheet for a variety of costumes and theatrical items for sale by Leroy Carpenter of 10 Eldorado Place.

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Undated handwritten note from Mrs. Karl Bitter to H.D. Morehouse of Utica, NY regarding the purchase of a grate for a wood burning stove. On stationery of The Studio of Karl Bitter.

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Undated felt and metal booster badge for the Weehawken Indians football (?) team.


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IOU from the Weehawken Title and Trust Company for $150 to Herman Buckholz and Wife, promising to pay 6% interest after six months.

Postcard promoting the New England Balloon & Airship Company of Weehawken, NJ and the aerial derring do of Arthur W Marsh and Arthur J Lapham. Postmarked 1911

This scrapbook, Historical and Picturesque Weehawken, compiled by Edward Kirk, is a treasure-trove of news articles, old photographs, correspondence, artwork by Grant Wright and much more.

Pages 361 - 389 (END)