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Video - The Weehawken Passenger Elevator

A brief video describing the amazing huge passenger elevator designed by Gustave Eiffel which connected the Weehawken waterfront and ferries to upper Weehawken, the Eldorado amusement park, and the North Hudson Railroad. (Thanks to Desiree Palma Sosa…

Lithograph - Weehawken Ferry - Fermin Rocker

Lithograph of commuters exiting the Weehawken Ferryboat Catskill on foot and in their cars signed by artist Fermin Rocker.We do not have a date for this, but the clothes and cars look like they would date to the late 1940s or 1950s.

Weehawken Town Council Minutes - May 1907 through July 1908

Town council meeting minutes for May 1907 through July 1908


Weehawken Town Council Minutes for Jan 1 - Oct 1 1917

Minutes of Town Council meetings from Jan 1 through Oct 1 1917.

Weehawken Town Council Minutes for 1915 and 1916

Official minutes of the Town Council for the years 1915 and 1916


1954 Petition Regarding WPD Salaries

WPD-1954-001 - 1.jpeg
A petition requesting pay raises for Weehawken Police Department personnel for the year 1955.

World War II NJ State Police Instructional Teletype - Limitations on radio ownership by 'enemy aliens'

WPD-1942-001 - 1.jpeg
A teletype message from the NJ State Police in the files of the Weehawken Police Department from 1942 providing instructions as to the limitations placed on 'enemy aliens' of German, Italian, and Japanese origin regarding ownership of radio…

Weehawken Police Department General Order Book for 1941

WPD-1941-001-Order Book-compressed.pdf
Book containing department wide orders of a general nature for the year 1941 for the Weehawken Police Department. This document provides interesting insight into the Town's preparation for World War II as well as the reaction of its police…

Water Bill - 1946 - Hackensack Water Company

Paid March 1946 water bill in the amount of $6.02 (for the first quarter of the year) issued to Lena Palmitissi of 4532 Park Avenue by the Hackensack Water Company located at 4100 Park Avenue.

Matchbook - Robert Reiner Inc.

Promotional matchbook from Robert Reiner Inc., manufacturer of textile machines and accessories (founded 1903), located at 550/64 Gregory Avenue. The matchbook states "It pays to consult us first on your problems and requirements" and has a handy…