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Photos from 1959 Weehawken 100th Anniversary Parade

A set of mostly military themed photos from Weehawken's 100th anniversary celebration parade.

Photo - Ferryboat Weehawken's last day - 1959

AP Wire Photo - March 24, 1959 - description from the photo:NEW YORK(NY25) NEW YORK MAR.24-END OF AN ERA APPROACHING- Its decks loaded with last day commuters from New Jersey, the New York Central's ferryboat Weehawken heads into its Hudson River…

Correspondence with New York, Ontario and Western Railway - 1915

Letter and reply regarding a damaged shipment and associated payment from the NYO&W railroad headquartered in Weehawken.

Spoon from the ship S.S. Weehawken

Small silver spoon engraved with the name "S.S. Weehawken"This does NOT seem to be from the Civil War monitor named after our fair township, which was the "USS Weehawken," as it was a naval vessel.This may be from a ship of that name of the…

Photo - Football at Weehawken Stadium - 1940

Photograph of a football game underway at Weehawken Stadium, dated 1940 on back.

Box of Boneset Herb from S.B. Penick & Co

Box of herbal medicine from Weehawken firm S.B. Penick & Company.

QSL Postcard from Weehawken resident John Strole

This postcard from Weehawken resident John Strole of Cooper Place, reported that he had received a short wave radio signal from radio CX in Belgium in 1948. Reception reports like this provided short wave stations with information on how their…

Postcard - Shippen Street - Weehawken Heights, NJ

Black and white view of homes on Shippen Street.

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Postcard - Palisades at 42nd Street Ferry, Weehawken, NJ

Views of Weehawken waterfront, trolley, Karl Bitter's studio and a sign advertising "Highwood Park" at the top of the Palisades.

Honoring Theodore Seltzer in front of 55 King Avenue

Honoring Theodore Seltzer in front of his house 1952.jpg
Appreciation of Theodore Seltzer, president of Bengue, Inc, the manufacturer of Ben-Gay ointment for his contributions as chairman of the Heart Association of Hudson County by neighbors and the North Hudson Junior League. They stand on the steps in…