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Weehawken - Union City
Colored photo postcard of Weehawken and Union City from 1985. Note the resevoir, pre Pathmark, now Acme (as of 2015.) Printed by the Scheller Co., Hackettstown, NJ

The Helix
Colored photo postcard of an aerial view of the Helix connecting the Lincoln Tunnel and Route 495.

New Jersey Turnpike
Colored photo postcard of aerial view of the Helix and the entrance to the Lincoln Tunnel. Postmarked July 18, 1967 Published by Howard Johnson Publshing Department, Inc. of N.J.

Weehawken - Union City Aerial View
A view of the two towns from the air with some small village in the background across the river. Note that this is prior to the conversion of the resevoir to a shopping center. Also note the mis-spelling of 'Weehawkin' on the back of the card. From…