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1935 pen and ink drawing by artist Grant Wright of the Weehawken playground area, looking south toward the Lipton Tea building in Hoboken. At right is Park Avenue, with trolley and cars. The area was traversed on foot through a series of steps and…
Copy of a newspaper clipping from June 19, 1937 of the newly named Lincoln Tunnel under construction.

The first tube was finally open to business on December 22, 1937.
8' x 10" black and white photograph of Lincoln Tunnel traffic line on Willow Avenue, leading to Lincoln Tunnel from 19th Street north.
Black and white 8" x 10" photograph, showing the lower ramp leading from Pleasant Avenue into Boulevard East, along with the upper ramp jam.
Black and White 8" x 10" photograph looking south, showing traffic jam along Boulevard East leading to the Lincoln Tunnel entrance. Note the additional bumper to bumper traffic on the helix.
A black and white photograph taken on October 6, 1940, of the Lincoln Tunnel helix lit up at night.
A photograph of the Lincoln Tunnel helix taken in February, 1940.
Black and white photograph from Mayor Meister's scrapbook, showing a manned information booth outside the Lincoln Tunnel, in the shape of the Trylon and Perisphere, symbols of the 1939 fair.
9" x 11" black and white photographs of lower Park Avenue, looking north
A series of black and white photographs taken by William Burrell, between June and August 1937, during the construction of the Lincoln Tunnel.At one time Mr. Burrell lived at 119 Parkview Avenue.  He served in the military during World War II.