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A Few Sketches of Weehawken - 1926
Sketchbook of Weehawken by artist, Grant Wright, dated 1926. This is the earliest sketchbook in the Commission's collection.

A Few Sketches of Weehawken - 1933
Sketchbook of artist, Grant Wright, dated 1933.

A Few Sketches of Weehawken - 1934
Weehawken Sketches by artist, Grant Wright, dated 1934.

East Wind Over Weehawken - Edward Hopper
Painting of houses on Boulevard East (at 49th Street) by Edward Hopper (1882-1967). Oil on canvas and 34 x 50 inches, painted in 1934. The painting was held in the collection of the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in the United States from 1954…

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Grant Wright's Weehawken Sketches - 1933
Sketches of Weehawken in 1933, by artist Grant Wright.

John Marin - Weehawken Sequence Number 30
Artist John Marin painted a series of abstract representations of the Weehawken waterfront in 1903-1904. These oil on board paintings made up his Weehawken Sequence and were based on views from around his grandparents' Weehawken home. Thanks to…

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Note from Mrs Karl Bitter regarding a fireplace grate

whc202005004 - 1.jpeg
Undated handwritten note from Mrs. Karl Bitter to H.D. Morehouse of Utica, NY regarding the purchase of a grate for a wood burning stove. On stationery of The Studio of Karl Bitter.

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Sketchbook - For the Collection of Edward J. Kirk - Grant Wright - 1934
Sketchbook by artist, Grant Wright, made for his friend and historical colleague, Lt. Edward Kirk.

THE ART OF GRANT WRIGHT- A Short Film by Mike Boldt
Video of some of Grant Wright's sketches of Weehawken from the 1930s

Untitled Sketchbook - Grant Wright - 1934
Sketchbook by artist Grant Wright, dated 1934.