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Photos from 1959 Weehawken 100th Anniversary Parade

A set of mostly military themed photos from Weehawken's 100th anniversary celebration parade.

Boy Scout Troop 11 and their Goat - 1916
Black and white photo of Boy Scout Troop 11 (of Jersey City) lining up for Flag Day Parade on W. 19th Street in the Shades, with their trusty goat mascot.

Boy Scout Troop 11 - 1916
Boy Scout Troop 11(from Jersey City) lining up for Flag Day Parade on West 19th Street in the Shades. From the collection of Mark Wright.

Weehawken 75th Anniversary Parade Float
Black and white photo showing Weehawken's 75th Birthday Cake from the 75th Anniversary Parade, which took place on September 28, 1934. The float is seen going south on Park Avenue (note the trolley tracks) towards the Valley Playground. From theā€¦