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Black and white undivided photo postcard of the Hackensack Water Tower and berm to the reservoir, looking north on Park Avenue, with a trolley in the distance.
Undivided postcard drawing of the 100 steps and wagon elevator in purple with glitter trim. Postmarked February 26, 1906 from Hoboken.
Colored photo postcard of steps up from Pershing Road to the top of the Palisades near Columbia Terrace. Postmarked August 4, 1908 from Weehawken.
Colored photo postcard of the bluff of the Palisades and train tracks below. Coal trestle visible at right. Postmarked October 31, 1907 from New York, NY.
Hand colored photo postcard of old wooden steps up the Palisades. Horse drawn wagon at the bottom and a number of people on the steps. Postmarked August 1, 1911 from Weehawken.
Hand colored photo postcard of a curve around the bluff at the bottom of the Palisades with railroad tracks. A train can be seen in the distance. Postmarked March 9, 1908.
Colored photo postcard of Clifton Road (today's Pershing Road) looking west towards a cut in the Palisades which took passengers from a train trestle, through to Eldorado Station. The cut was north of today's Liberty Place steps. At right, a trolley…
Hand colored photo postcard of trolley tracks running along Hillside Road (now Pershing) up the Palisades. Postmarked October 14, ? from West NY.
A nice hand colored photo postcard of the point where Broadway and Park Avenue cross. A cool old flivver, trolley tracks and people perambulating in the foreground. Published by the Union News Company, New York.
Black and white undivided photo postcard view of the freight yards, piers, Hudson River and New York skyline. Postmarked November 3, 1907 from Hoboken.