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Junction of Angelica and Maple Streets, Weehawken, NJ
Colored photo postcard, looking west from Maple Street toward the junction of Angelica (now Angelique) at left, and Maple Street to the right. All buildings are extant, though much changed in appearance. Postmarked from Weehawken.

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King Avenue, Weehawken, NJ
Colored photo postcard of King Avenue looking south towards Bellevue Terrace. Postmarked September 30, 1910 from Weehawken

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First Street from Louisa Place, Clifton Park, N.J.
Black and white photo postcard looking west on 1st Street (now Cooper Place). The house on the right side was demolished to make way for the Roosevelt School in 1927.

Photograph - 955/957 Boulevard East
A black and white snapshot of the houses at 955/957 Boulevard East (between 46th and 47th Streets). Written on the back: "Me on the porch of our new house in Weehawken, NJ." Thanks to Franco Pasquale for the correct location of this item.  

Meister's Mansion, Highwood Park, Weehawken, NJ
Black and white photo postcard, looking north from Hamilton Avenue, of a quite stately mansion that was located at what is now the south end of Hamilton Park. The impressive house with wrap around porches and an elaborate cantilevered gazebo on the…


Sterling Avenue House
Black and white photo postcard of a house located on Sterling Avenue. If you look closely on the left, you can see the steps down to a cliff side back yard. The Arts and Crafts style homes that were built on Sterling Avenue date from about 1910. This…

Panorama of New York West Side and Highwood Park, New Jersey
This 360 degree panoramic photograph appears to have been taken from the top of the Water Tower. It was taken by August Patzig and was deposited for copyright in the Library of Congress on May 19, 1909. This image is part of the Library of Congress…

Boulevard East - Apartment Houses Overlooking the Hudson River
Black and white postcard of the Boulevard showing the intersection of Eldorado Place looking north. Time Machine viewer Roy Marques thinks that this card "seems to be older than 1956. I realize the date on the back of the postcard is from that year,…

Shippen Street, Weehawken Heights, NJ
Black and white photo postcard of the corner of Shippen Street and Palisade Avenue, looking east. Postmarked October 21, 1908 from West Hoboken.

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Fourth St. from Bulls Ferry Road, Union Hill, NJ
Colored photo postcard showing Fourth Street (today's 48th Street) from Bulls Ferry Road (today's Park Avenue). This is probably on the Union City side of the street. Note the trolley tracks. Postmarked April 2, 1913 from New Durham.